you’re invited.

i’ve been so excited to prepare for my sister’s baby shower! i love hosting. i love my sister. i love babies. this is a combination of all my favorite things!

i found some cute invites on pinterest to help inspire me. i happen to have two sisters-in-law who are graphic designers, but due to my being cheap and loving to make things myself, i took the ideas i found and put together these little gems.


i love doilies. they’re delicate, beautiful, and versatile. i wanted to figure how to print on them, but due to their delicacy i had to play around a bit. i looked up some tutorials, just to make sure it was possible. it was. so i figured it out.

1. find the size that works on the cards (4″ doilies).
2. type out what will go on the doily. (if you have space for more than one doily, you can put the text in 3-4 different spots on the paper … you will be able to do 3-4 at a time!)
3. print your text off on a sheet of white paper.
4. place the doilies on the white paper (you should be able to see the text through the doily to get the placement just right).
5. tape down the doilies LIGHTLY. i used masking tape around the doily. you might need to play around with this part and figure out what is easiest for you, making sure that the tape is sufficient but that you will be able to peel it off once you print.
6. put the paper in the printer. i couldn’t figure out how to manually put paper in my printer, so i just figured out that i needed the paper face-down for it to print properly. again, this part you will need to mess around to figure out what is best for you and your printer.
7. print!!
8. peel off the tape. this part you have to take slowly and carefully. i probably ripped 1/3 of my doilies. i just had to print off a few more than expected.

all set! this really wasn’t that difficult. just took some messing around and some patience!

after printing my doilies, i printed off the rest of the information for the invite on the back, using the same process as the doilies.

once everything was printed, i put together the whole thing! i found some burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby. i just used scrapbooking tape to put down the strip of burlap, put the doily on top, and voila! super cute invites – handmade and exactly what i wanted!


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