leftover pizza.

What to do with SO many leftovers? Make pizza!

I had a ton of leftovers from the shower last weekend (even after giving some of it away!). I can only eat so much butternut squash in a salad (and Bryan doesn’t like squash). So I made pizza!

Our favorite easy dinner is homemade pizza with naan for a crust. We buy a big pack of naan from CostCo and keep it in the freezer until we have a night where we don’t really feel like cooking. It typically consists of an easy pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. But when I want to get creative (and a little healthier), I can whip together some good veggies topped with feta cheese and have a tasty meal.

With my leftovers I made a half and half pizza. I sprayed the whole piece of naan with olive oil first. Then one half I used the butternut squash leftovers topped with feta cheese. The other half I used the sweet potato and chickpea leftovers topped with mozzarella cheese. I got to enjoy the variety and use a lot of what was in my fridge.

IMG_1580 IMG_1581

I also had a yummy lunch the next day!


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