brussel sprout salad

I found this tasty salad on pinterest the other day. I thought it would be a little different salad, but still tasty and healthy.


It turned out that when I started chopping, Bryan reminded me that he didn’t like pomegranates OR brussel sprouts. So no matter what, it probably would not be a hit with him…


Oh well! I actually love pomegranate and I enjoy brussel sprouts. This was my first time eating them raw, but still enjoyable! Plus, with the bacon and creamy dressing, I was sure it’d be yummy for me!:)


It was easy to throw together … taking only about 20 minutes.



In the end, I loved it! I’d compare it to a broccoli salad, with a little tart-sweetness from the pomegranates hut not as heavy as some broccoli salads can be. It would also be great to throw in some quinoa!



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