niece or nephew?

This weekend we made another trek to Chicago for family time. Despite whiteout conditions along the shore and being stuck behind a terrible accident, we made it home safely. Pregnant sister and I just don’t have good luck with winter driving.

(Almost) our whole family was home this weekend, discussing family and the future full of new life and babies! After a four-year hiatus on babies, we welcomed little Juniper last June, and in just a few weeks we will welcome a new little niece or nephew. In November I got to throw my sister a shower, and now we’re just counting down days! My dear sister has been a rockstar as a pregnant mama, and I simply cannot wait to see her with this little pumpkin in her arms. I also cannot wait to get my hands on this little one, especially to dress him or her up!

For another shower this weekend, I made the baby a few options. For a boy (my guess!) I made a sweet little bow tie, and for a boy I made a great flower headband. I put the tutorials I used below. They’re both quite easy and perfect for any little ones!

Baby Bow Ties

This tutorial was pretty easy to follow. My only complaint is that I couldn’t figure out how to make the back more flat, which would have made a clasp easier to attach. I will continue messing with a few more bow ties to see if I can figure it out.
The clasp that I used was actually a clip-on earring backing. I bought the largest one I could find, and I think it will work out just fine! Just need to have a nephew to pin it on and see for sure! 🙂

IMG_1606 IMG_1610

Flower Headband
I can’t get enough of baby girls with big flower headbands on their heads. If this little baby turns out to be a girl, you better believe I will be putting plenty of these on her head!
I stood in the aisle at JoAnn fabrics for about 10 minutes, touching every spool of lace to see if it was stretchy. This is the one I found. There must be more, but this was about the thickness I wanted and a good amount of stretch.
I used the flower tutorial below to make a sufficiently big, fluffy, but soft flower for the headband. The bigger the flower, the better – in my opinion! I’m pretty excited about how it turned out. And I’m prepared to make more should baby be a girl.



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