almond milk.

Last year I got myself on a mini-vegan kick. Nothing serious. But I watched a few too many food documentaries over spring break and got paranoid about putting animal protein in my diet. But then I had a steak again and realized that the vegan life is not for me. Oh, well.

I sought out a lot of milk options during that time, but in wanting to avoid soy, I decided almond milk was my favorite. However I didn’t love the taste of most of the brands out there, and I also wasn’t a fan of the added ingredients. So, I sought out making my own almond milk.

I’m back on to regular milk now – there are just too many studies that go both ways on the benefits or dangers of cow milk, so I just decided to go with taste and convenience. Also, making your own almond milk is not cost (or time) effective. However, I was really up for a treat today and decided to break out my old almond milk recipe. If you need to go off cow milk for some reason (vegan, lactose, etc.) OR if you just want to have a yummy treat to sip on, try this out.

Homemade Almond Milk
1 cup almonds
3 cups of water (roughly)
3-4 pitted dates
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 teaspoons cinnamon

To start you will want to soak your almonds. I just put mine in a small container and cover with water. Let them soak overnight (but if you’re in a pinch, an hour or two will be fine), until they get nice and plump.

When your almonds are ready, take out your food processor or blender (if it’s heavy-duty enough … mine is not).
If you are using a blender, you can put in all the ingredients at once, and let that thing go for about a minute or two.
If you are using a food processor, you’ll need to do this in steps, or else the liquid will be all over your counter! Do this in about three steps – each time add about a third of your almonds, a cup of water, a date or two, a splash of vanilla, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Let the processor go for about 30-45 seconds. Empty the food processor and repeat until you’ve gone through your almonds.


When your processing is done, pour your milk into a nut bag or cheese cloth that is in a bowl or container. I ordered this nut bag for under $10 on amazon – very easy. Then squeeeeeeze away. The almonds will be pulp, so squeeze all the liquid you can get out of it! (If you’re using a food processor, sometimes I do this in between each step … other times I just wait until I’ve processed all of the milk and then squeeze.)


You’re all set! You will be left with a container full of almond pulp. You can choose to throw that away but I recommend finding some other uses for it! Next week I’ll show how I dehydrate mine and make it into almond flour.





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