knit maxi skirt.

It’s summer! It’s maxi skirt season. But, really, isn’t every season maxi skirt season?? Summer also means time to sew! Why not sew some maxi skirts! I found this great little tutorial from Cotton and Curls – she has a TON of sewing tutorials if you’re interested – and I ran with it. Starting with a few maxi skirts, I figured out making a dress and a shorter, lace skirt. It’s a great place to start if you want to sew some things for yourself.

Here’s an old shot of my first dress, made starting with this tutorial and going from there. Today I put together some process pictures of my newest skirt.

2 yds. fabric – Please note: when you are picking out fabric, make sure it is a wide-knit cotton. It should have a decent amount of stretch to it – jersey cotton is a perfect fabric!
3/4″ or 1″ elastic
thread to match your fabric


1. Take some measurements…
-Waist: This can be wherever you want the skirt to sit. I like my skirts to be a little higher waisted, so I typically measure the smallest part of my waist. If you want your skirt to sit lower, that is fine! -Length: You should have enough fabric, but I always like to know how far down I want it to be. If you are making a shorter skirt, make sure you get a good measure here. IMG_1716
2. Fold your fabric in half. Take half the measure of your waist and center it at the top of your fabric. Following the diagram below, you will cut a big triangle with a flat top (being the top/your waist). Cut the waist down 2-3 in. to leave room to sew in the elastic. From there, cut at an angle down to the bottom. (This part is easiest to see on the diagram below! :)) IMG_1717
3. Put the right sides of your fabric together (“right side” means the side you want showing). Pin all the way up both sides of the skirt.

4. Sew up both sides of the skirt.

5. Measure your elastic. I usually do this just by wrapping it around my waist and cutting. IMG_1722

6. Sew your elastic along the top of your skirt. Fold down and sew again. IMG_1723

7. Hem up the bottom of your skirt where you want it to lie.
IMG_1725  IMG_1726 

And you’re done! Way to go!! Enjoy 🙂

alinechart2.jpg (558×920) (from


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