two months.

“You’re doing great.” I have heard that phrase so often over the past two months from other moms. So many women keep telling me, “You’re doing great.” And whether or not that statement is true is not the point. I think what all these other moms know is how much a new mom needs to hear, “You’re doing great.” As a new mom, I question almost every decision, and as I do what I need to get through the day with a small bit of grace, one of the most encouraging and relieving things to hear is that I am doing just fine.


Month number two has been tough and heartbreaking and humbling and still joy-filled in so many ways. We have had to make difficult decisions. Wise friends and family graciously reminded me that these are just the first of a million difficult decisions we will have to make. And while that reminder was needed, it didn’t take away the heartbreak and pain. But through having to make so many daily decisions, both big and small, the Lord is continuing to humble me and remind me that my identity cannot be wrapped up in my vision of what an “ideal mother” looks like. A misplaced identity will always leave me broken. But an identity placed in Christ will fill me with joy and strength, even on days when it’s hard to get a shower in, let alone feel joyful about it!

Our Hattie girl has grown so much this month! She is growing like a champ, weighing over 10 lbs. She is getting so much more interactive and fun, making great eye contact and having her own little conversations with us. Mornings are full of smiles and chats on the couch, usually after a nice night of sleep. I’m thankful to say that we have a great sleeper at night. Daytime is a bit different, but I can handle a whole lot during the day if I can sleep at night! She loves hanging out on her play mat, starting to notice her toys and brighter colors. So many people comment on how bright-eyed and alert she is. Hattie does not want to miss a single thing! 🙂

We made our first big road trip home to Iowa last week. Hattie rocked it, sleeping most of the way in the car. She got to meet a lot of family and celebrate Christmas, complete with a little photo shoot, of course.


We continue to be amazed with this little one. Life before her seems like ages ago. We continue to grow into parenthood, but watching Hattie grow into this little person brings us daily joy that we wouldn’t trade for the world.