three months.

Oh my, how you have grown, little girl! You are getting bigger and stronger by the day. You definitely had a little growth spurt, and boom, you are in bigger clothes and looking less and less like a new baby. A lot of strangers even look at you and say you look bigger than three months! You like to sit up (propped, of course). You love to look out and face the world and be a part of the action. You smile like crazy with mom and dad, and you are getting to be quite the chatty, little girl. You have even started to giggle – it’s not that often, but those giggles are coming more and more, and I’m sure you think we are nuts in our attempts to coax them out of you!


We celebrated your first Christmas this month. Not that you knew the difference, but it was still fun. You got to meet the rest of the family in Chicago – so many cousins and aunties and uncles to love on you!

We also battled through your first cold this month. It wasn’t even a bad cold, but it was traumatic enough for the both of us. Speaking of traumatic … We also dealt with the end of maternity leave and the first week of daycare and working. I could not be more thankful for the care you are getting, which makes leaving you manageable. But man, I am anxious for 3pm every day so I can get home to you. I’ll try not to smother you too much at the end of each day. 🙂


I’ve been learning this month that I have to just take one day at a time with you! I keep expecting you to be consistent with things so that I can figure out how my days will look. And then I remember that you are three months old. Ha! We still get a full night’s sleep and naps are getting a bit better – thank goodness! But while I wish for days when you will nap for 2-3 hour chunks, I have to keep reminding myself that where you are right now is perfect. I shouldn’t wish any of these days or stages away. Besides, how boring would life be if I knew what was coming each day?


I love that we are starting to see more and more of who you are! Keep smiling, little girl. I can’t get enough of it!


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