five months.

This girl is five months. Holy moly! It’s so cliche, but every day gets better and better. Bryan noted that even in the past week, she is way more interactive and playful with us – she’s got some funny laughs and noises coming out of her! Our Hattie Joy definitely exemplifies her middle name. She is such a joyful little girl. Smiles come readily, and even on very little sleep (because she stinks at napping!), she is a pretty happy girl.


As a mama I still have to remind myself daily to lean in, take the day for what it is, not worry too much about what is coming. When this girl is refusing to nap (for me … she is a champ at day care … it feels personal :)), when I am just tired from a long day at work, when I wonder what she will be doing in a few months, I have to take a deep breath and remember what God has called me to. He has called me to today. To be a mom to this babe today. And the future is not for my worry. Whew. Deep breaths.

Every day with our girl fills me with love and joy deeper than I’ve known.

I love you, little girl. Nap or no nap. (But please, learn how to nap.)


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