six months



Woah. Half of a year. Woah.

So much has happened in this little one’s sixth month of life.

-She went on her first plane ride to go to Florida to visit Auntie Lindsay and cousin Ollie (who was just smitten – lots of Ollie dragging Hattie on the carpet, jumping on the bed, bringing Hattie her pacificer, and sweet kisses and snuggles).

-We celebrated Easter with Gigi and Papa and our biggest cousins, Ana and Bella.


-She is an eating machine. I started to doing some solids, just to see what she would do. Turns out, this girl LOVES food. She is a jealous eater – if we are eating, she screeches until we give her some food too!

-No teeth have popped through, but with the amount of drooling and fingers in the mouth, I’m just waiting for one of those little buggers to make their appearance any day now.

-She is a roller! She figured out how to get from back to belly, and now she is just a-rolling everywhere. She is starting to notice everything and wiggling around trying to get what she wants – once she can really move, I think I’ll have a hard time keeping up with her! Right now we can still handle the barrel-rolling.

We are having so much fun loving this girl! I can’t get enough of smothering her with kisses while she grabs my face and tries to eat my chin. I love watching her notice new things and smile with excitement at the faces and people she knows so well. And her chatty noises and squeals of laughter are just the best!


Happy six months, Hattie Joy. We think you’re pretty great.


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