seven months.

My amazement with this girl continues to grow. Bryan keeps saying, “See, she’s actually fun now!” (Yeah … no rush to go back to the newborn stage 🙂 ).


She has definitely turned that six month corner where all of a sudden she is doing all the things.

Sitting like a champ (it took her, like, two days to master that skill).

Eating like a freaking adult (and some days rejecting her bottle because she loves solids so much).

And so darn close to moving. Man, she wants it so badly. She’s at the point where she can lift up on her arms, but in the attempt to move forward, her arms prove stronger than her legs, so she just pushes herself backward. It’s a little pathetic/hilarious – trying to get to the toy and only moving farther from it. You’ll get there soon, little one.

Seriously, who can resist a chubby baby?



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