eight months.

This month has completely flown by. Outside of baby world, life has been so crazy for a number of reasons, so it is hard for me to look at Hattie and see her as 8 months old. I feel like we just jumped a whole month ahead. I mean, I’m still thinking she’s 6 months. (Is it too early to say, “It goes so quickly”!?) Alas, here she is. Eight months old and getting bigger every day! Time charges on.


Girl still has no teeth. Guess we’ll keep going with the drool and gnawing.

She still is not crawling, but OH so close. She’s been so close for a full month now, so that has to mean she is REALLY close, right?

She continues to eat like crazy, and she loves feeding herself! Current favorites: banana, squash, blackberries, and eggs. And when I say “favorites,” I mean … a whole banana in one sitting, having to portion out her blackberries so she doesn’t eat them all, and throwing back a scrambled egg in under two minutes. Girl. Can. Eat.


She is just the happiest little babe, continuing to exemplify her middle name. She is all smiles (almost) all the time. Can’t get enough of her!


We got a visit from cousin Ollie this month! These are the best pictures we could get of a busy baby and toddler!


This is a pretty accurate picture of life with this one!

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