nine months.


Nine months. Three-quarters. We can almost taste that big “ONE.”

Life just gets more and more active every day! This little girl army crawls like she’s being chased by a cat. Actually, she prefers it the other way around – chasing cats is now a new favorite! We’re still hoping she will figure out the hands-and-knees soon. She would save her toes from the blisters they are now covered in. And she might actually catch that cat.

She continues to be an eating-pooping-sleeping machine. She stayed with Gigi and Papa last week, and they got a front-row seat to just how much food she can eat. And all without teeth! There really is not a food that she has yet to turn down. But favorites continue to be blackberries (really, any sort of berry), eggs, and cottage cheese 🙂


Current favorite activities include: playing with our shoes (particularly the ones with laces), reading (and re-reading) her favorite books, standing anywhere we will let her (the table, the windowsill, the couch), and splashing in water (either pool or tub).

It seems that there is a new trick every day, so we can’t wait to see what this next month holds!

IMG_2534a perfect little family picture we captured on Bryan’s birthday





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