ten months.


Hattie Joy totally earned the double-digits this month! I feel like so much has happened in such a short amount of time. She had her first (long) road trip up to Minocqua and rocked it. She hit some major milestones. She is just growing so quickly!

Sadly (for mom and dad), we have had some sleeping set-backs. Up for hours in the night, lots of screaming going down. Our “parent skin” has certainly thickened. But, thankfully, even on little sleep, she is still the happiest girl!


We have officially gone from a strong army crawl to real hands-and-knees crawling. She is speedy! And now that she has felt the need for speed, she wants to walk! She is already grabbing fingers and wanting to go, go, go. (I think she saw her cousin Quinn doing it and just got a little jealous 🙂 ). Crawling took so long to master, but now it feels like she is just taking off. Literally.

We also have a first tooth!! (and number two is coming quickly) Strangely enough, when I felt that sharp little bugger on the bottom of her gums, I almost burst into tears. Of all the developmental milestones I thought I would be proud of enough to cry about, I did not expect it to be a tooth. But … it was. So, there’s that.


This little personality that continues to come through is just the best. Her actions seem so much more intentional now. She loves drinking and spitting out her water. And then laughing about it (eye-roll). She loves attacking mom or dad on the floor and blowing raspberries on shoulders or legs (actually hilarious). She discovered just how fun it is to throw things – food on the floor, paci’s out of the crib, tossing the ball to dad (heart: melted). This girl is so easy to love.



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