eleven months.

I cannot believe that we will be celebrating one year in one month!! WHAT.

It is weirdest for me to think about this time last year. So pregnant. Anxiously waiting. Hoping and praying with all my heart that the baby would come in the next two weeks. (Ha! She had FOUR more weeks in mind!) Worries upon worries, which are now so insignificant (I knew they would be … that didn’t change anything).Having no idea how much my life was about to change. Woah.


This past month has been the start of what is feeling like a move from baby life to toddlerhood.

This girl is moooooving! She prefers to walk – everywhere! – holding on to our fingers or her walker. She’s hesitant to stand by herself, but totally able.

She has a riot of a personality! She is always smiling and giggling, and she keeps us laughing as well! Current favorite activities include being hung upside-down and thrown on the couch, collecting sticks, placing toys on the table only to knock them down only to place them back on the table, digging in the recycling bin, taking all the books off her shelves, and eating flowers/leaves/mulch/rocks.


Most adorably, though, she is a snuggly little bug, often taking a break from the mess that she is making to come give a big hug, complete with a little pat on the back shoulder, because small arms. My heart bursts every. single. time.


We can’t believe how lucky we got with this one. Let’s live it up for your last month before one, little girl!


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