the 9th.

The 9th of each month felt so significant for the first year of Hattie’s life. I had every intention of posting this on the 9th of this month, but, alas, and it came and went. Significance lost. Wah-wahhh.

While I am not keeping track of months anymore, I do miss organizing pictures and writing updates on our little girl. So here’s a little something-something.

It is next-to-impossible to get cute pictures of this child anymore. When she sees the camera, she runs in the opposite direction or just starts screaming. But I’m doing my best to keep up with snapping shots of her busy, little life!

Most of the time, this girl is the best. She is hilarious – laughing with the adults, smiling slyly when she farts, and seeing any moment that I sit on the ground as an invitation to tackle me. She has also been found recently with her hand in an entire jar of peanut butter and a whole jar of hot chocolate mix all over her (two separate occasions).

She is using sign language, which is helpful when we are trying to decipher what her opinionated little self wants (“chest-banging” = “please” and she does it all the time – it is hilarious). But we are just waiting for those words! She’s starting to make sounds that resemble words. She says ‘da’ constantly, mostly because she is a total daddy’s girl. But ‘da’ can also mean anything she wants. She will sometimes say ‘mama’ on command, and she will say ‘bye,’ but usually not at the moments when it is appropriate – usually at the TV or when she kicks someone out of the house 🙂

We have a total of 5 teeth, and a whole row of top teeth that have been visible for months and just won’t come through (read: sleeping is a real hit or miss).


Because the last few months were full of holidays, here are a few snapshots:

Happy Thanksgiving – complete with poorly lit photos, screaming babe, and lots of reading books. We were so glad to have Gigi and Papa here to celebrate!

In the holiday spirit at home

The best picture we could get of 4 babies, 2 and under in Iowa.

Highlights of Christmas toys – a rocking horse, a baby, and a phone. She is obsessed with her babies!

Life is moving faster and faster with this little one. She is quite independent and opinionated, but she is also a snuggly little bug. We can’t get enough.



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