a year + a half!

When people ask how old your toddler-baby is, it’s always hard. No, I can’t remember how many months, and, no, people don’t know what the number of months means anyways after a year. But “a year + a half” – yep, that fits in others’ minds and mine! So, Hattie is a year and a half!


Bryan and I love that Hattie is finally becoming useful! She’ll go throw trash away (or just any piece of tissue or paper towel she sees laying around). She’ll go get her shoes and coat (and try her darndest to put them on herself). She loves to “sweep.” She’ll even wipe the table or her face or the cabinets with a wipe. We plan to continue to put her to good use.

We got a snuggler with this girl and I am so thankful. Every morning starts with a sippy and snuggles (and Clifford). More than once throughout the day she wants to just sit on the couch or bed and snuggle her blankies and babies and sometimes mom/dad. She’ll loves to play the game of “going night-night” and fake-snoring. Hugs and kisses are freely given, and you know you’ve won her heart when she rubs or pats your back while hugging you. Heart. Explodes.

Possibly the best part of watching our girl grow is watching her language grow. Every day something different comes out of her mouth that leaves us shocked and excited and laughing at her toddler language. Favorite words: Dada (obviously). Cheese (which also sounds like/mean “cheers”). Yah (helpful in the deciphering process). Clifford (“ki-ka”). Crackers (“ka-kas”). Popcorn (“pop pop”). and Bye.

(She doesn’t say “love you” yet, but when asked to say it, she comes and lays a big fat kiss on you. Lips smacking and all. More heart explosions.)


Current favorite activities: Carrying her purse or any bag around. Sliding. Helping mommy bake (read: eat chocolate chips and lick the spoon). Taking care of her babies – rocking, hugging, shushing, patting, feeding. (Oh, we hope this bodes well for her (our) near future!) Puzzles. Going for walks (not in the stroller … she must do the walking). Wrestling/tickling. And doing whatever we are doing.

She is a girl on the move, keeping us busy and tired and laughing a lot every day.




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