I am just soaking up these last 9 weeks (or so) til number 2 makes his/her arrival. I am cherishing my little, growing girl, in all of her baby to toddler goodness.

We are starting to get to see some lovely little toddler tantrums (which, at this point, I am holding back laughter all throughout). But we are also seeing daily growth and blossoming that is just mind-blowing. #firstchild

So, here is a post, chock-full of pictures, because I am trying to capture as much as I can before I stop taking pictures forever (sorry, subsequent children).

Happy Easter!

A girl’s obsession with her Dada

(new obsession: water the flowers)

Also, new obsession: singing nursery rhymes (from the “front stoop stage”)
(pictured: Twinkle, Twinkle and Rock-a-Bye Baby)

IMG_4339Happy Mother’s Day (Hattie Joy: 19 months, Baby: 31 weeks)

Happy Mother’s Day (reality)

IMG_4348I’ll eat you up, I love you so!


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