memorial day.


Man. Memorial Day weekend just turned out to be pretty perfect. The weather was gorgeous. We got to do a few things around town – Peddler’s Market, parade, parks. We had a fun, impromptu evening with friends and kids on Monday night – a lovely taste of what summer will bring!

But mostly, we got in lots of family time! Pretty crazy to think this was our last weekend with the Van Soelen clan before baby number 2 is here! (We still get one more weekend with my parents!)

We loved getting to see our little nephew, Jasper. We got a taste of him at Christmas, but he was just 3 months old then. Now, at 8 months, we get to see that fun personality coming out!


Jasper just LOVED watching Hattie. And Hattie … well, she was pretty jealous when he was around (yikes!). But there were a few loving moments between the two of them!

Hattie is getting much better about warming up more quickly to Grandma and Grandpa when they come, which is so fun! I can’t wait til she can really understand when they are coming and for her to get excited in the anticipation of their arrival.


We will be SO happy with either a boy or girl in our little family. But part of me wants a boy so that Hattie can maintain her status of “Grandpa’s favorite granddaughter” (since she is the only girl on the Van Soelen side)! Because, man. Grandpa LOVES his little girl. And Hattie sure loves him too!

Ah … sweet, sweet summer.



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