almost big sister!

Well. Due date has come and gone. >wah waahhh<

Reality: my babies just take a little bit longer to cook. OH WELL. At least I have this toddler to keep me busy. And exhausted.

I am so wiped. Physically, done. And ready to snuggle my little man or little lady. But each day I have a reality check of “this might be my last day with just my Hattie girl and me,” and that helps me to be OK and even enjoy these days a bit (as long as she naps and I can get a nap in too).

So in lieu of new baby pics, here is a nice little compilation of life lately.

Sliding into the pool – all day, e’ry day – usually followed by popsicles:

I am SO thankful for summer and craft tables that can be outside. Painting is a daily occurrence, and it usually ends up all over her in the end. So if I can save myself from having to put on paint shirts (naked babies are just cuter anyway) AND I don’t have to clean paint off the table and floors, I am one HAPPY mama.

Sidewalk chalk paint and a dad who paints a big old ‘H’ on your back:

Every morning after breakfast we “hosh” (wash) in the sink. Good thing we live with ready access to water (thanks, Lake Michigan!), because this girl can’t get enough of the water play:

IMG_4768Soak it up now, little girl. Your days as the solo star of this show are quickly coming to a close! (But, dang, you are cute.)



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